Shade Ports

Shade Ports have two designs, Gazebo and hanger. The fabric is easily cleaned, by simply hosing it down.

Available in:

  • GAZEBO (Available in single, double, triple as well as 4 and 5 bay options.


The service we provide is formulated to make the experience of installing blinds and awnings easy, comfortable and professional. This is how we do it:

You make an appointment with us at your convenience. After hours is by appointment only.

  • We visit you in the comfort of your home.
  • We will offer advice borne out of years of experience to assist you in making the right choices
  • We measure your windows, doors and skylights
  • We custom make your blinds, and awnings
  • We fit them to perfection
  • We will continue to service you in the following manner;
  • Cleaning of blinds and awnings (off site)
  • Repairs of Blinds and awnings both on site (where possible) and off site.
  • Re-covering of awnings.