The Most Effective way to use skylight blinds

Eight reasons why having blinds installed professionally is best

Blinds offer all the versatility a homeowner could want: privacy, light control, and dozens of options for design, material, and colour. But all of this makes blinds a little bit more complicated than, say, curtains. That means while you can install them yourself, there are a few things to be aware of when installing blinds. They are trickier than they look. There are a number of reasons why it is best to get blinds installed professionally.

1. You get the right blind measurements

It can be difficult for a homeowner or tenant to know what size blinds are best for their particular situation. There are so many things to be aware of when measuring for blinds – window shape, size and placement; whether the walls are brick, stone, wooden, plastered, panelled or tiled – these all affect which size blind you need, but they are all variables that window blind installation services deal with daily.

2. You get the right kind of blinds for the room

Wooden blinds will give your bathroom enough privacy, but did you know that they can warp in moist conditions? An aluminium blind might not block out enough of that streetlight that shines outside your bedroom. Light-dimming fabric blinds need special care. Professional blind installation services, especially ones that are located near you and know what your local environment is like, can take a lot of the uncertainty out of choosing the right kind of blind.

3. You get exactly what you want

Many people opt to get blinds installed precisely because of all the customisation options they offer, so why limit yourself to the one-size-fits-all offerings at the local hardware store? Blind installation companies can come to your home and help you decide which blinds and window treatments will be best for your needs and your decor. They can then manufacture customised blinds that work perfectly in your unique space.

4. Professionals get blind installation right first time

Like all home improvements, DIY home blind installation can turn into an odyssey that makes you wish you’d called in the experts. Professional blind installation services can get your blinds installed with a minimum of hassle and mess or disruption to your day. After all, it’s what they do all day, every day.

5. Professionals make blind cleaning easy

Generally, blinds are fairly easy to maintain once they’re installed. But finding the time to do it can be tricky, and the job can be a little fussy. Wood, bamboo, aluminum and fabric blinds all require slightly different cleaning techniques, to say nothing of the particular needs of roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. Professional blind companies know the best ways to clean and care for their products, to keep them looking as good as they do on the first day they go up.

6. If something breaks, blind repairs are easy too

Blinds can last a long time if there is a proper maintenance and cleaning routine, but sometimes life happens and you find yourself needing a repair. You have a relationship with the professionals who customised and installed your blinds, and they know their product – which means they’ll know exactly how to fix it right the first time, saving you time and money.

7. Local professionals know local conditions

Is your neighbourhood dusty, noisy, filled with nature (bugs), or full of bright lights? Are you in a house, a townhouse or a flat? What covers your windows has a lot to do with how you feel when you’re in a room, so it pays to make sure it’s the right thing. It goes without saying that talking to a professional blind installer near you is a good idea. With their knowledge of your local conditions plus their product, they can make sure you get the right type of blinds in the right size installed the right way, pronto.

8. Expertise equals peace of mind

It is possible to pick and install blinds on your own, but getting a professional blind customisation and installation service to do it gives you that important extra layer of quality control. With professionals, you can rest assured you are getting exactly what you need: quality blinds that suit the room and your needs, and an ongoing relationship for cleaning and maintenance that will go on long after the installation.

Blinds are an elegant and simple way to elevate a room’s look. Deciding to install blinds is making an investment in your property, and like all investments, it’s best to make sure it’s done properly – and that means starting out on the right foot, with the professionals.

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