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What are shade ports?

Shade ports are a cost-effective and attractive alternative to conventional carports.

The Shade port’s fabric allows for free air movement reducing the temperature and at the same time provides a shade factor up to 95% depending on the individual color.

Effective Blinds and Awnings specializes in three specific shade port designs; Gazebo (single, double, triple as well as 4 and 5 bay options), Hanger and Cantilevered Hanger Combination.

There are many advantages a shade port provides which include;

  • Provides over 90% cool shade.
  • Provides up to 96% UV protection.
  • Protects people and assets from heat, dust, wind, rain and hail.
  • Ensures over 70% water run-off.
  • Shade cloth is environmentally friendly.
  • Does not require a building license.
  • Architecturally compatible with different roof styles, colours, heights, or shapes.
  • Structures available for patio/dining areas, tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds.
  • 12-15 years life expectancy.
  • 5-year Limited Warranty against tearing, fraying and cracking.
  • Low initial cost, low replacement cost.
  • Structurally sound, fully engineered, modular system.
  • Inexpensive cloth replacement.
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • The fabric is easily cleaned.
  • Nets can be repaired and resewn.
  • Galvanized 6mm cables are used.
  • On site repairs at Business Parks/Complexes, with may nets.

Overall, should you feel the fabric requires a freshen up then you can simply hose it down from underneath giving it a thorough soaking, be sure to start from the high point and work your way down to the lowest point. This would suffice until the annual service is carried out. Visit www.effectiveblinds.co.za to see what other excellent shade options offered.