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Roman Blinds

For a contemporary look that combines soft fabric panels with a functional operating system. The ideal window covering solution for your home.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds has the combination of the richness of luxury and elegance with style and substance. The vertical blind is practical and does its job well while remaining cost-effective.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are functional and decorative with light, sight or sun protection. Depending on the sunlight and the desired degree of shading or sight protection you desire, you can choose from a wide range of roller blind fabrics, from absolutely dense textiles to fine almost transparent fabrics.

The days of the well-known “jumping roller blinds” (spring loaded mechanism) are long gone. By means of a side control mechanism, the blind can easily be stopped at the desired position. The open weave of the Sheer range allows natural light into a room they create a positive atmosphere and an attractive contemporary look of open living.

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Aluminum Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blind is a versatile solution to any room where light control and privacy are needed. Blinds comprise of high tensile, vinyl coated aluminium slats. The standard slat widths are 25mm, 35mm and 50mm with cords and ladders and where the head and bottom rails are colour coordinated to match the colour of the slats. The headrail comes complete with end caps, plated steel universal installation brackets (50mm) and plated steel fixing clip brackets.

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Luxaflex® Skylight Blinds

Although Skylights add light and life to your home, it can create too much heat and even too much cold. With a Skylight blind the baking sun which makes a room uncomfortable can now be controlled. Skylight Blinds are available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics and can be operated manually or motorized for skylight windows that are hard to reach. Skylight blinds are ideal for Saving energy by lowering heating & cooling costs, reducing light in rooms when needed, reducing noise, easy to operate hard to reach windows that are motorized.

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Duette / Honeycomb Blinds

The Duette® classic fabrics resemble the cross-section of a honeycomb created by its pleats. This closed honeycomb structure give you great insulation and cost savings as it saves energy using the same technology as double glazed. The pleat extends to 32 mm in the Duette® Fixé range and is available in duotone (white background for extra light and heat reflection), full tone and blackout. They also come in a range of beautiful patterns such as linen prints. New and exclusive to this Luxaflex® collection is Duette® Fixé Batiste, a material with a soft textile appearance. If you hold the material up against the light, the linen structure immediately draws your attention. The fabric softly filters the light, giving a pleasing effect to your interior. Duette® Shades are suitable for standard windows as well as having a width range of solutions for special shaped windows like sloping or round ones. Also Duette® Shades can accommodate triangular and trapezoid shaped windows. They can be used in standard free-hanging windows, special shaped windows, Skylights, Conservatory and/or ceilings, and with sloped windows.

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Wooden Venetians

Wooden Blinds are a true wood product that can have a variation in colour, grain texture and to some extent minimal warp as these are natural characteristics of wood. Wood Venetians are not recommended for humid areas as they cannot be guaranteed against a natural tendency, therefore, one must be careful not to install them in areas where ventilation is minimal. For these humid areas, we can supply Wood Alloy and Plaswood which will not warp.

Wooden blinds come with ladder string or cloth tape which is colour coordinated to the colour of the blind. The headrail is covered with a wood valance which finishes off the product beautifully.

Wood Venetians cannot give total light block-out so a room will always have a certain amount of light. However, wooden blinds will close sufficiently to ensure privacy. Wood blinds are heavier than other types of blinds making them more difficult to pull up. It is therefore advisable not to order too large a size.

All wood used comes from sustainable forests and the slat widths are available in ® 25 mm, 35mm and 50mm.

Exterior Patio Blinds

Exterior Patio Blinds

The exterior patio blind comes in either canvas or PVC and may be fitted with clear plastic windows.

The exterior patio blind is a roller blind that can be either gear or rope operated. Motorisation and side channels available.

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